It’s all about the people

Hannah – May 2018

Even the best preparation does not protect against unexpected events.
In the end, it’s the people around you that help. Whether on site, at home, on the phone, on all other channels – what carried us through the time before the opening, were the people by our side.

If the furniture does not arrive and it is due to technical problems of the suppliers, calls and frustration do not help. Then it’s time to tackle it again. Luckily, I’m quite good at it. Even in the eighth month of pregnancy. At least I can handle most things and yes, here and there I move tables and chairs and carry around boxes and tools.

But our great team always made sure that I had enough rest. Sleep was out of the question anyway. At 5 o’clock in the morning in half sleep it suddenly starts. The top of thoughts about what you still have to do, want to do and could do.

Drilling, shopping, ordering food, fetching the ordered food, inflating balloons, receiving packages, assembling furniture. Bribe the baker in the house to exceptionally receive a parcel, stick the note to the mailbox and then find out that the parcel was delivered to the neighbour, who of course was not at home when our great babysitter wanted to pick it up. By a lucky coincidence we had his mobile number and he raced home to hand over the package with the flyers. I had already put out clothes for Henry, who arrived to the space and withing seconds paints himself with chalk and covered himself with ice. He felt incredibly comfortable among all the great women, shaking hands and waving.

When 320 people registered, we were even a little glad that not all the furniture had already arrived. But we need more drinks! A warm day. Go, go, go! Karolina, the famous Berlin Eisqueen, has spontaneously provided us with even more ice and besides the great frozen, alcoholic cocktails on a stick also brought ice for all those who (must) do without alcohol.

What always surprises me is that in the end we always call Mama and our best friend if something happens. And fortunately my best friend’s fiancé had time on the afternoon of the opening to actively support us. Family, first of all my great men (also the little man inside of me), friends and a group of volunteers, led by Alexa Mollicchi Casanova, made the evening a special experience.

Let’s keep thriving together!