CoWomen is your community club & coworking space in Heidelberg for connection and inspiration

CoWomen is for all the people who want to take it to the next level. For all people who want to advance their big projects, realize their ideas and found or grow their businesses.

For women in leadership who are committed to driving change. For mothers who want to change the (working) world.

For all those who are looking for exchange, but still want a quiet workplace and a nice coworking space.

Becoming a member means exclusive access to a network of motivated people (especially women) and the opportunity to meet personally, work together, find inspiration and motivation.

It’s the place and the community that will help you make the most of your working and everyday life!

Women, diverse people, transgender: At CoWomen are all people who share the same values.

We are an active community and only as strong as every member is contributing!

It's your place that

Space der Cowomen in Berlin

Gives you a beautiful coworking space in Heidelberg with driven women. So you can focus on making your projects a success without distractions.

Podcasting in unserem Space

Gives you the resources to develop new ideas and unleash your potential. Whether you are a womxn in leadership and are looking for exchange, a changemaker who approaches things differently, an entrepreneur, self-employed, a freelancer, a female* founder.

Unsere Cowomen bei der Arbeit

Connects you with the best community of passionate women to collaborate with, find your motivation and inspiration. The community is as strong as you actively participate!

Women with a female network are more successful. Become a CoWoman now and say hello to coworking in Berlin and Heidelberg , stop being alone at home and build your tribe of kickass women that fires you up to go big - and have a great time along the way!

We are CoWomen - Coworking in Berlin and Heidelberg. And of course also online! The community and its events take place digitally - and if currently possible - on site.

Anyone who alligns with our values of inclusion & fairness is welcome! We come together to actively create a more femininst (working) world!

Be(come) a CoWoman

Find out what Ori, Lorena and Regine love about CoWomen

Die Gründerunnnen der Cowomen

Hi there! We're the Co-Founders of CoWomen Berlin: Sara, Hannah, and Kat. We can't wait to meet you in person in the space, introduce you to the community, brainstorm ideas, and co-work on big projects!

More about us

Hi, I am Johannah, the founder of CoWomen Heidelberg. I'm looking forward to welcoming you to the Coworking Space in Heidelberg, getting to know you, developing your ideas, welcoming you to the community and working on your big projects.

More about CoWomen Heidelberg
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Join an upcoming event

Most of our events are (currently) for members only. We have regular breakfasts, coffee breaks, wine nights. In addition, theme nights and special community events take place.

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Get the latest news on upcoming events and personal notes on our journey as driven women founding a business for women on the rise that we don’t share anywhere else.