CoWomen is your community club & coworking space for connection and inspiration. It’s your place that:

Space der Cowomen in Berlin

Gives you a beautiful space to cowork alongside driven women so you can focus on making your projects a success without distractions.

Podcasting in unserem Space

Gives you the resources to develop new ideas and unleash your potential.

Unsere Cowomen bei der Arbeit

Connects you with passionate women to collaborate with. We’re stronger together!

Women with a female network are more successful. Become a CoWoman now and say goodbye to working alone at home and build your tribe of kickass women that fires you up to go big - and have a great time along the way!

Be(come) a CoWoman

CoWomen ChangeMakers - your partner to create change. By, with & for women - and everyone!

CoWomen ChangeMakers creates the impactful change that makes a difference for businesses.

By, with & for women, we can realize the suitable strategy for your innovative and resilient organization – for today and the future. We drive, design and shape systemic and individual processes and change the rules of the game to unleash theull potential of your company & employees.


CoWomen ChangeMakers
Die Gründerunnnen der Cowomen

Hi there! We're the Co-Founders of CoWomen Berlin: Sara, Hannah, and Kat. We can't wait to meet you in person in the space, introduce you to the community, brainstorm ideas, and co-work on big projects!

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