Community & Coworking Space with Vision

CoWomen means Community & Coworking Space in Prenzlauer Berg and Heidelberg. Driven women work together and support each other in our beautiful coworking space, network and participate in events in our community area and change the (working) world in our media and meeting space.

Become a member of our community & coworking space

Work together with motivated women in a beautiful coworking space in Berlin Mitte

Network with inspiring women and take part in events in the inviting Community Area

Set up meetings and work on your media material to change the (working) world

Set up meetings and work on your media material to change the (working) world

(Most) pictures by Ana Torres

Would you like to get to know the coworking space in Berlin or come for a day of trial work?

Since the coworking space and the community are basically self-organized and we are not always on site, please get in touch with us for a tour or a trial day. Then someone from the community can surely show you around.

Information about CoWomen, the motivation and history of the founders themselves can be found on the homepage in the numerous articles and radio and podcast contributions.

Yes, please

Here you can find the coworking space in Berlin Mitte

Monday to Friday 9:00 - 18:00

Griebenowstr. 10/11, 10435 Berlin

Go around the corner to Wolliner Straße and you'll see us.

hi [at]

Learn more about the founder story & vision

Check out our values and the Code of CoWomen

Story & Mission

More and more digital...more and more global - and still connected!

Facing the current challenges, in line with the future of togetherness across borders, we focus more and more on the digital community.

We host our events, share our knowledge and you will meet the most inspiring people! We promise: There will be a deep connection, it’s not just 0s and 1s 😉 .

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