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Our mission is to connect rising women to help them unleash their potential. We firmly believe in the positive effect of strengthening women in business and the enormous impact they can have on society and the economy. Everyone profits from more successfully working women! And because building networks is the deciding factor to achieve this, it’s what we focus on at CoWomen.

CoWomen makes women’s lives easier and gives them the network they need to reach the top! CoWomen is more than just a coworking space. Our vision is to connect and support the next generation of female leaders. We connect them with each other as well as mentors and offer them the perfect work environment to realize their dreams.

As an orientation for both our team and the community, we created the CoWomen code to serve as a guiding principle:

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How it all began

It all began when Hannah was struggling to find a place both for her newborn son, Henry, and herself. She was looking for a perfect place for her every-work-day. An idea was born. Since then, Hannah’s idea has grown into a place that offers everything a working women needs. Hannah is our machine! She is the head and the soul of CoWomen, never tiring of pushing the idea forward.

When Hannah reached out for more women to join CoWomen, she didn’t have to look too far. Sara, a well-known colleague in software consultancy, got on board and added skills in project management and community building to the team. Sara has a passion for digitalization and modern feminism and leads her teams with empathy. Sara is CoWomen’s Community Manager, who gets to know and bring together great women.

Kat is a globetrotter passionate about amplifying women’s voices. Having gained ample marketing experience in NYC, London, and Berlin, she can create clear and human-friendly messaging and content. That’s why she is CoWomen’s Head of Communication, developing and executing our marketing strategy to spread the word about the amazing connections happening every day at CoWomen.


I was born in Texas, but I grew up in West Germany. To be honest, there is no deeper connection to Texas or the US except perhaps my rather unusual hobby, softball. Having an exciting place of birth however may be the reason for my passion for travelling. When I was 12, I went to Canada to visit my godparents all on my own. At 16, I went to school for a year in Mexico. Mexico has a special place in my heart; I always carry the people and experience there with me. Another place which had an early impact on me was Peru, where I spent one semester during my studies at the University of Mannheim.

Making the world a better place: Driven by personal challenges, I initiated and sponsored several projects with public impact. Winning awards for my personal commitment and having been publicly honored makes me proud and thankful. It further gave me the chance of making early experience with press on television, in newspapers, magazines, and on the radio. When I was young, I believed I could make the world a better place. Helping and supporting others to overcome and solve their problems to create a better life for themselves is important to me.  In my current position, I am well-known throughout all departments for being active for equal rights and support especially of women and disabled people.

Showing the highest commitment: To me, showing outstanding commitment in my personal and professional career is key. Turning obstacles into opportunities characterizes me as a person. I am ambitious, resilient, and have a pragmatic and efficient approach to getting things done which I want to share with others. I will never stop trying to make the world a better place, and I am very happy to fulfill our mission to give women a space to unleash their full potential and grow together within a community.

Finding inspiration: I have been very fortunate to meet many people in my life who have given me inspiration, strength, and have accompanied different parts of my life. I am thankful for their input, guidance, and mentorship, and I know that this kind of inspiration helped me to believe in myself and in my ideas.

In addition, there have also been people which  I only met briefly and who nevertheless deeply impressed me: There was the cleaning lady in my former office, for example, who was always incredibly happy and thankful. I have learned the essence of life from moments and people like her.

It hasn’t only been women who have influenced me. There have been male role models in my life who helped me a bit along the way, who trusted me, transferred difficult tasks to me while not leaving me alone to find the solution.

In a professional context, I have met many women who have shown me that you do not have to pretend that you are a man to progress in your career, but can also get ahead professionally with female strength.

Last but not least, in addition to my male mentors and female protégés, I can count on a large community that is reliably at my side for all sorts of questions about life and work. I believe network is key.

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A small-town girl from the south of Bavaria, I have always been interested in politics and team sports. I guess I am a debater with lots of sporty spirit and lifelong team building experience.

I get along perfectly with my male colleagues, and I do not feel left behind in any way. I learned however that I have a different relationship to my female colleagues – an even more trusting and even more giving relationship. When we work together, we push each other as much as we build each other up. This amazes me so much. I want to transport this opportunity and get other girls to form strong bonds to other women in business, in order to get the most out of their career and the most out of other women’s experiences.

Living variety: I have always been on the search for my perfect education, my perfect job, my perfect life. This search is responsible for a winding path in life in some aspects. My journey however includes exciting stops like Seattle, London, Saigon, Cologne, and Berlin, which each had their own impact on me. Our generation has the opportunity of travelling and seeing the world before understanding ourselves. Each of my life stops have taught me a little bit about myself and built up a colourful network of impressive people.

Finding expertise: In a diverse and complex world, it has been my main challenge to find the expertise I wanted to be active in and work with. Milestones on this search have been discovering politics, smart cities, and finally e-government and digitalisation as fields of study and work. None of my decisions I would have seen coming years ahead. They all resulted from thought processes, and I do not regret any of them. My path is characterized by higher education, being a founding member of a British university’s society called Sustainitect for sustainable life at university, and starting a job which university didn’t prepare me for and becoming a senior consultant, team leader, and project manager within four years of working in the digital sector.

Learning lessons: On this journey, I learned that I want to share my early experience with others and help them take their decisions and find their path and to keep the following in mind: Never regret decisions and make the best out of what you get! Always have fun in each aspect of your life! Be furious! And last but not least: Keep the awesome, mind-blowing people you meet on your trip through life. They can be one of the most important factors of success and a valuable source of inspiration!

Finding inspiration: My inspiration is nourished by the diverse and unbelievably powerful women across my large family. They are creative, empathetic, and enduring, loving successful women whom I owe so much!

Colleagues at university who always pushed me.

A mentor at work who taught me how to open doors and how to be visible.

By my co-founder, Hannah, who never seems to get tired and who I am thankful for getting us here.

My dear and in most parts crazy girlfriends, who are responsible for who I am in the end and carry every decision I make with me.

And my wonderful sister, who I share so many passions with. She is a much better me and my most important source of inspiration.

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I believe everyone benefits from more badass women in the world. That’s my main motivating factor behind most of what I do. Growing up surrounded by kickass women fighting for gender equality all around the world – from South America and the US to Europe – I’ve seen the incredible value women bring to any table. With a background in journalism and marketing, media is the main path through which I want to get more of these amazing women to tables throughout companies and countries.

We are all both the same & uniquely different at the same time: Having lived in eight countries so far (Bolivia, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Germany, the US, the UK, and Spain) and many more cities, spending no more than five years in one place, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet the most diverse people. And this experience has showed me how people are people no matter their background, but we each have our unique talents and strengths. This seeming paradox is something that I want to spread understanding for. On the one hand creating a world where there is no “other”, just people, and also one in which everyone, and women especially, get to discover and bring out what makes them shine.

Media is a vehicle for change: I’ve worked in all sorts of media fields, from TV-stations to book publishing houses because I truly believe in media’s power to inspire women to see all the possibilities they have. It is also why I decided to launch a women’s leadership podcast, Leading Rebels, where I get to interview amazing women from around the world who share a behind the scenes look at their journey and actionable advice to help other women become kickass female leaders.

Collaboration over competition: I believe we are stronger together, not seeing each other as competition, be it at work, as companies, or in our personal lives. Creating a sisterhood where we’re there to build each other up helps us all grow. As the say, a rising tide lifts all boats. That’s one of the key reasons I believe in the CoWomen concept, in that connecting women makes a difference not just to the women involved, but the world at large.

Sweets make everything better: I will readily admit I have a giant sweet tooth. Twizzlers and tiramisu are my favourite two (starting with a “T” seems to be recipe for success!) but there is little I can turn down. I honestly don’t trust people who say they don’t like dessert…

Fun aside, I truly have a passion for inspiring women to be(come) the best they can be, and the role CoWomen is playing in enabling this. The world needs you!

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