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CoWomen’s Coworking Space in Southern Germany!

CoWomen Heidelberg is a community and coworking space for motivated business women is based in Heidelberg, in the center for “Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft” Dezernat 16. The newly-launched community space offers a relaxed working atmosphere but also vitalizing networking for all kickass women. As a place of working and rising, the CoWomen Community Club Heidelberg is the perfect location for all motivated kickass women. In addition to coworking in the space, you also have the chance to inspire and network with each other at our events.

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energetic • inspiring • visionary

Founder CoWomen Heidelberg

The founder of CoWomen Heidelberg, Johannah Illgner, already successfully founded her agency for strategic communication and consulting a few years ago. She’s looking forward to many more visionary women to join the network and to the expansion of the CoWomen community.

Be(come) a CoWoman

CoWomen is for all women who want to aspire, rise, and get started. Become a CoWoman and benefit from your community and coworking membership in our female community club. Your advantages: You get to know other motivated business women, get the chance to work with them, and take part in our events. Empower each other and accompany each other on your way to the top!

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Depending your community & coworking membership, you’ll benefit from:


The CoWomen space in Heidelberg is a place for inspiration. Surrounded by the creative scene of the Dezernat 16 and the whole metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar, you can dive in your business and work together with other motivated women. Here you can support each other and be successful together.


At our events, the whole community gets together and learns from inspiring role models. Would you want to acquire new knowledge, unfold your skills, and advance your personal and professional development? Together with experts, we organize masterclasses to bring you towards your goals.

Meeting room

In our comfortable meeting room, you can get together with your clients or team members for important meetings. You can advance your business or you can take time for yourself to focus on your ideas.

Location flexibility

In order to network with the female community throughout Germany, you can take part in our various events at all CoWomen locations. If you are just passing through, you can work two or five days per month in one of our coworking spaces in Heidelberg or Berlin – that way, you'll get to know an incredible number of kickass women!

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Choose what membership works best for you


€129 per month

• Monthly Membership

• Fix Desk


€249 per month

• Monthly Membership

• Fix Desk

• Free Use of the Meeting Room

• Postal address for your business at CoWomen Heidelberg

• Free container for your documents

• Free hot drinks – tea and coffee

• Free use of the printer

Be(come) a CoWoman!

Try it out with a day pass

Day Pass

€25per day
  • Access for the space for one day

5 Day Passes

€100per 5 days
  • Access to the space for five days
Get your day pass

Rent our beautiful and inspiring coworking space in Heidelberg for your events and projects!

Heidelberg CoWomen Space

Our coworking space in Heidelberg is surrounded by the creative scene of Dezernat 16. The space to rent is 30m² big and has six work stations. You’re planning an event, want to work on a project, or do a workshop – either way, you’re in the right place! Thanks to our mobile concept, it is possible to adjust the interior to your needs in a matter of minutes. Renting is of course open to both kickass women and men! Price on application.

Coworking with vision

CoWomen is a community for aspiring women. The space in Heidelberg is a place for working together and supporting each other. In a beautiful and invigorating space, we’re offering you a variety of events for making networking even more easy.

Monday to Friday 9:00 – 18:00

Emil-Maier-Str. 18, 69115 Heidelberg

You'll find us on the fourth floor of the Dezernat 16 – with an amazing view over the city.

Heidelberg [at]

+49 (0)6221 / 32 99 869

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Please register for the events at:

Upcoming Events 2019

21.8.2019 – Working Moms Breakfast

26.8.2019 – Community Lunch

06.9.2019 – Community Breakfast

10.9.2019 – Rolemodel Night

11.9.2019 – Working Moms Breakfast

18.9.2019 – Bring your own lunch

23.9.2019 – Community Lunch

02.10.2019 – Rolemodel Night

09.10.2019 – Bring your own Lunch

11.10.2019 – Community Breakfast

16.10.2019 – Working Moms Breakfast

24.10.2019 – Afterwork Drinks

28.10.2019 – Community Lunch

08.11.2019 – Community Breakfast

13.11.2019 – Working Moms Breakfast

20.11.2019 – Bring your own Lunch

25.11.2019 – Community Lunch

28.11.2019 – Afterwork Drinks

06.12.2019 – Community Breakfast

10.12.2019 – Afterwork Christmas Drinks

11.12.2019 – Bring your own Lunch

18.12.2019 – Working Moms Breakfast

Upcoming Events 2020

Please register for the events at:

No event found!

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