Go get it, Girl

Kim – June 2018

Just a few weeks ago, I was browsing job portals looking for a job that would allow me to learn and grow. I was looking for something more challenging than my flexible life as a student is demanding at the moment. I really don’t want to complain about my studies, I love it, I just lack the concrete feeling to work towards goals and to participate in a project that enriches and fulfils me.

A student job had to be found, but the proposed offers as a customer assistant in a call center or more opportunities to work in the gastronomy disillusioned me a little. Where was the kind of growth and experience that I felt such an urge for?

One click further, on a new website, I came across CoWomen’s job opening. It sounded interesting, powerful and full of energy. Without further hesitation, a few moments later i sent my application and hoped that there would not be twenty other applicants for this position. A little later, this day, i updated my emails and already found an email from CoWomen. I think this was probably the quickest response I’ve ever received to an application. I was terribly excited before the interview, but when I got to the CoWomen Pop-Up, I replaced the tension with just being myself. And so, we sat outside eating ice cream in the sunshine and chatted. A trial working day followed, on which I felt very welcome and after a few more days of process the trembling finally came to an end.
Hannah welcomed me to the team.

I am proud that I had simply sent off my application to CoWomen, and even though I was terribly nervous and had actually doubted myself all the time, I could convince. After this short time, I was able to accompany the team of CoWomen and participate in their process I’ve learned a lot.

I am surrounded by new perspectives and topics that I kind of heard heard of before,  but that I didn’t really feel involved in . The phenomenon of a strong female network already became a fascination for me on my first day at work. One meeting after another, Sara worked on expanding CoWomen’s reach. After another work session with Kat, I thought about my, so far subconscious, concept of communication and anyway after every sort of “CoWomen-Input”  I am constantly asking myself questions, which never really filled my head before.

The night of “Women of Greateness” fascinated me completely. It’s just great when rising women come together and share their experiences. Each of them has its own background and personal topics, but in the CoWomen community they all bring together what unites them: female greateness.

As I’m writing this, I’m experiencing another day at CoWomen, which influences and changes me and this confirms that I’ve arrived at the right place.