Countdown: How it feels to found a business 600 km from home 

Sara – April 2018

There is a countdown on our homepage now. A countdown to an event we have been looking forward to for a long time, and we are extremely excited about: The CoWomen Pop-Up launch!

The day on which we are opening our doors and start the CoWomen legend. To all of us this means all the theory will fade into the background and practice will take over. We will need to concentrate on really living and implementing our ideas. To me it also means implementing, working, and being away from home even more. I live 600 km away from the place CoWomen’s ideas will call home and which will soon be the starting point of a blooming community.

At CoWomen we believe digitalism is not all you need in order to build a sustainable community. We believe in the magic of real-life encounters and the importance of the right place and space to be in. The right space is crucial to meeting the right people. The right place however, is crucial in order to take the right steps on the way to a functioning business.

I think there are at least two aspects that make Berlin the right place for CoWomen to grow: It is the ecosystem represented by the many women who are familiar with our concept and ready to get started. I am sure there is a trade-off for many businesses between being the first one with the idea in the place on the one hand and fitting into a system on the other. With CoWomen in Berlin, I think we are both.

And the second aspect is that I have the right partners in this place. With my amazing cofounder, who is based in Berlin, and the amazing partners we found here, CoWomen is in a perfect place to start. It feels much more like flying a jet than taking baby steps. It feels great! So I think, when founding a business, one needs to be flexible in terms of location. Within the starting phase, especially. Look for the right place – even if it sounds complicated at first to found a business away from home, which means additional costs for travelling and living and a lot of digital coworking. It can be worth the energy and the money as long as it develops and as long as it feels right. So, I would recommend everyone while possible, stay flexible in terms of travelling for work or changing your location every once in a while. It opens up the possibility of being in the best of all places. The place that fits your business.

The thought of really starting in practice makes me excited, because I will build a home away from home to share it with great people!