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CoWomen | Berlin
Griebenowstraße 10-11, Berlin, Deutschland




09:00 - 21:00


15 Euro

MusiCoWomen Co- & Networking Day

Connecting the women* of the music industry

MusiCoWomen brings the women* of the music industry together to cowork, network and empower each other. Because community + productivity = ♥

This is a bi-weekly coworking session at Berlin’s sexiest female-only coworking space CoWomen at Alte Münze, basically in the middle of the city centre. We provide a space with free Wifi, good coffee and a comfortable work environment for you to get ahead with your projects, no matter which company or background you’re from.

Working will be accompanied by networking lunches, coffee breaks whenever needed. The co-working throughout the day is then going to be followed by fun events such as speed dating, network, movie nights, concerts, workshops,
creative sessions and more! We have so much to share, so let’s get together and unite our forces!

Read more about us and our mission here.

Why the “Co-Working” part? What can I expect during the day?

All the new networking programs for women in the music industry out there are GREAT, but we felt like there was something missing: An actual space to meet up that goes beyond networking – a space to get together with our laptops,
sit down and work. Because being in the music industry is a pretty normal job most of the time, isn’t it? We don’t know anyone (not even artists) who do not spend at least a couple of days a month with administration / e-mailing / editing pictures & videos
/ office work in general. So why not do it together and chat a bit in between and maybe have some cool stuff happening at the end of the working day? Exactly – that’s what co-working is all about. So bring your laptop and get some work done while you’re surrounded
by other awesome women!

This weeks evening event

You can find all infos regarding the evening event in our Meetup Group.

Some rules

    • Feel free to join / leave the event at any time; you are also welcome to come as early as 9 AM and use the space before the official starting time
    • Bring your own lunch / dinner (you can also buy lunch in the café Greens downstairs)
    • Let’s get shit done together and stir up this dusty industry with some Girl Power!
    • Bring a friend! ♥

Pricing & Options

  • → Works like the „Community“ membership deal and includes certain membership benefits
    → 2 days MusiCoWomen per month are included!
    → Book here:

      • Day Passes: 15€ / Day (get your ticket below)

    → Co-work the entire day and attend the evening events
    → Special MusiCoWomen discount: MusiCoWomen15 → 15% off if you buy 5 day passes at once (can be used on regular days as well)

      • Regular CoWomen Membership

    → Check out different options & prices here.

      • Evening Passes

    → We know some of you might not be able to join during the day

  • → Therefore we’ll always have separate evening passes available. We’ll post about them in our Meetup group.



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See the timetable below. Timetable can be subject to change – so make sure to check out our Meetup / Facebook Events for details!
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Hourly Schedule

MusiCoWomen Co- & Networking Day

12:30 - 13:30
Community Lunch
13:30 - 18:00
18:00 - 19:00
Dinner Break
19:00 - 21:00
Evening Networking Event

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