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CoWomen is for women on the rise and the incredible role models that want to support the next generation of female leaders. Becoming a CoWoman means exclusive access to a network of driven women and the ability to meet and work alongside them in person.

With every membership you'll get:

Community & network

You become a member of a community of women with drive, who are inspired, motivated and move forward together. We rise by lifting each other.

Exclusive information

You will receive information from us and the community about offers and inspiring tips.

And by the way, the best newsletter for members.

Community events

At our community events you can network with ambitious women and find motivation and inspiration to realize your big goals.

Great offers

For room bookings and other day passes you get at least 20 % discount – yay!

Apply to be(come) a CoWoman - It's all about community

In our more than two years working at, with, and for CoWomen, welcoming about 2,000 people at the space in 2019 alone, we realized:

In the end, community is what matters!

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We rise by lifting each other!
18 €per month (gross)
  • 1 day coworking (2 half day passes)

Cowork a little bit

Get out of your pj's every once in a while
52 €per month (gross)
  • 4 days coworking (8 half day passes)
  • 2 hours media & meeting room

Cowork a bit more

Get your business going! Come to work 2 days per week with us
104€per month (gross)
  • 8 days coworking (16 half day passes)
  • 4 hours media & meeting room

Cowork all the time

The boost for your business
232€per month (gross)
  • Unlimited coworking
  • 10 hours media & meeting room
  • Business address included

Business addresses (38 €/month gross) and lockers (29-34 €/month gross) are also available! You can simply request this with your sign-up.

It’s a VUCA world? No worries, you can cancel your membership 7 days before its renewal.

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"Prior to joining CoWomen, I felt very isolated in work and in building a business for the first time. As I began to integrate into the CoWomen community, I found a wonderful group of womxn who support each other, challenge each other, laugh and cry with each other. But most importantly give each other encouragement and tools to reach their goals! For those thinking and looking at all the other coworking spaces in Berlin, it is really the inclusive community that makes CoWomen special."

– Charity Smith, Founder of Spinelly Coaching and Consulting

"CoWomen is such a special place... and not only a physical place but an emotional one as well. From day one, you feel welcomed, you feel that you are a part of something, you feel inspired by all the amazing women you are surrounded by, and you bloom like a flower with the right amount of water and light. My biggest challenge to join CoWomen was my comfort zone, but after finally joining, I feel so happy that I made the step. I would do it a hundred times more."

– Laura, Health Coach, The Groove

"CoWomen has become my home away from home. Never in a million years did I imagine that I would join a Xmas party and this amazing community would welcome me in this way. I have not only found a wonderful place to work, I've also made new connections in the form of co-creators and friends. I cannot put a price on how much value I get from being a member of CoWomen."

– Lorena Fa, Founder of Sweet & Oil

"I joined CoWomen because I was looking for a community of like-minded people that were going through or had already experienced the same problems I was having, and I found so much more than that. Not only are we all on the same page, or at least the same book, but we're all so eager to help each other. It's breathtaking. If you're looking for a place that gathers women that genuinely have your back, this is the best place to be."

– Oriana Guedez, Hormonal Health Coach

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We’d like to invite you to drop by CoWomen’s new home starting in January 2019! Let’s meet for a coffee or tea at our space in the Alte Münze in Berlin-Mitte. We’d love to show you everything and chat to see if a membership is a fit for both sides. We want to create a diverse community, which is why we decide on memberships on a case-by-case basis.

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