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DEZERNAT 16, Emil-Maier-Straße, Heidelberg, Deutschland




19:00 - 22:00

Zweisatz Café

Our format “Zweisatz Café” goes into its next round on Friday September 11th at 7 pm. Together with the communication trainers Diana Oess and Jürgen List, we have prepared a very exciting and currently omnipresent topic:

Riding the second wave – how to stay confident and calm in times of crisis.


The Corona crisis challenges us all on a personal level as well. Again and again there are situations and encounters that push us to our limits. In such moments it helps to ask ourselves: How do I remain calm instead of reacting impulsively?

Diana and Jürgen give us insights into the thought processes behind reactive and proactive action. With different techniques and interactive exercises they give us tools that help us to regulate ourselves. Only then do we have the opportunity to use crisis as an opportunity and to deal with challenging situations in a self-determined way.

The Zweisatz Café offers a platform for controversial dialogue and a change of perspective, as well as a room for networking and getting to know each other. It’s not about solutions, but about development impulses!

The evening is moderated by CoWomen managing director Johannah Illgner. For those who are hungry, there will be a mediterranean bean and vegetable stew (vegan).


Due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus, the number of participants is limited. Under Heidelberg@CoWomen.com you can register bindingly. The contribution towards expenses is 7€, reduced to 5€ for pupils and students.


We are curious about your perspective and look forward to an open and interesting exchange!

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