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19:00 - 21:00


7€, ermäßigt 5€

Zweisatz Café: How NOT to be a racist – wie ich eigene Vorurteile erkennen und überwinden kann

On July 21, we will introduce our new format Zweisatz Café in cooperation with the communication trainers Diana Oeß and Jürgen List.  Zweisatz Café offers an interesting mixture of theoretical input on current topics, combined with practical exercises and personal exchange. The format is a new platform for controversial dialogue and change of perspective. It offers space for networking and getting to know each other. It is not about solutions, but about providing impulses for development!

The first evening is all about an exciting topic: How not to be a racist – ways to recognise and overcome my own prejudices. Diana Oeß and Jürgen List give insights into unconscious evaluation processes, perpetrator-victim dynamics and the neurobiological basis of fear as the main trigger for racism and exclusion.

Due to the current requirements because of the coronavirus, the number of participants is limited. Under Heidelberg@CoWomen.com you can register bindingly. The entrance fee is 7€ (5€ for pupils and students).

We are looking forward to an interesting and open exchange with new insights and outlooks!

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