CoWomen Pop-Up


CoWomen Pop-Up
Bergstraße 20, 10115 Berlin, Deutschland




19:00 - 21:00

Woman of Greatness: Leitha Matz

Join us for a night of real greatness featuring Leitha Matz, COO/co-founder of Zuper, a mobile financial coach.

Leitha will share about herself and her experience in the IT and eCommerce business. She has 20+ years of experience in building IT and eCommerce teams and has solved problems for companies ranging from FedEx (international logistics) to FreshDirect (online grocery, $600 MM rev/yr). We can’t wait to hear Leitha’s story of greatness: A moment in her life in which she was great and made key learnings for mastering future challenges, with a special focus on being a woman in tech.

After Leitha’s input, we’ll get together and focus on the great things we’ve all achieved! Come over, get inspired by the positive learnings, and inspire others with your own path to success.

A night of real greatness at CoWomen!

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