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Wine Tasting

You finally want to relax after this turbulent time? Join our Wine Tasting at  the CoWomen Space Heidelberg on July 25th at 7 pm!

Simona Maier owner of the Weinmanufaktur am Heiligenstein in Mühlhausen will spoil us with 6 different wines and snacks. We will start the wine tasting with her Bunte Liebe Secco, a great cuvée with a residual sweetness and the flavor of exotic fruits. Then we will present you an Auxerroise, a white wine with the mildest acidity and a strong banana aroma. Afterwards, you will taste a spirited Pinot Blanc and a Riesling with notes of lime, peach and minerals – two white wines that no wine tasting should be missing. The fifth wine that Simona will offer you is a summery Rosé with a taste of raspberry, strawberry and sour cherry, which is especially delicious as a sundowner at 30 degrees on the terrace. Finally, Simona presents you a Pinot Noir with a bouquet of vanilla, dark berries and sweet cherry, which one could say comes from Spain, due to it being so complex and sophisticated and yet easily accessible.

Simona had already spent a lot of time in the vineyards as a child thanks to her father’s winery and thus discovered her passion for wine growing. After her apprenticeship as a winemaker, she worked as a cellar master in Deidesheim for two years until she completed her master’s in 2015. Since then, she has been growing 8 different types of wine for her own wine manufactory.

While Simona introduces us to the world of wine, you can network and get to know other great CoWomen.


Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid, the number of participants is limited.

You can register bindingly at Heidelberg@CoWomen.com.

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