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10:00 - 19:00

Featured Event | The Bridge: Women and Wealth Summit 2018

Do you stress or worry about money?

Have you ever thought about investing?
– If not, have you considered why not?
– And if so, do you know how to start?

If you’ve already started to invest, do you feel confident about growing your wealth?

Wherever you are on your journey to financial freedom, we can help you along. Our debut conference is a whole day of workshops and discussions to boost your financial health. You’ll walk away with armfuls of practical steps you can take for immediate action.

And because financial freedom brings empowerment, it leads to more independence and confidence, and less stress overall. This is not just about money, but also about enjoying life to the fullest.



Even in 2018, the world of finance and investment remains squarely aimed at men. Yet it’s women, more than anyone, who need to take control of their finances. Not only are we paid 21 percent less for doing the same jobs, we also accumulate far less wealth over a lifetime, and are at much higher risk of retirement poverty.

Sounds scary, right? The good news is, we can change that story – both as a society and as individuals.

Mind the Gap has been running successful events for over a year now, helping women get educated and inspired about finance and wealth.

Our biggest event to date, The Bridge: Women and Wealth summit is whole day dedicated to demystifying finance and empowering women, with tools, information and inspiration for success in all money matters.

No matter what your level of knowledge, this day will help you build upon it, and transform money from being a source stress and worry, to one of freedom and empowerment.

Even if you’re not ready to invest, we’ll help you start saving. Even if you arrive as a beginner, you’ll leave as an expert – we promise.


Our workshop sessions feature a vast range of topics. Take your pick from this amazing selection from inspiring experts and mentors:

– Investing for your retirement with DAB
– Investing for Beginners (shares, bonds, ETFs) with Karolina Decker
– Being a Female VC with Mali Baum
– Keine Angst vor der Börse! So fange ich es an! with Jessica Schwarzer
– 50 trades of Kat€: Hot Stock Trends and Easy Ways to Invest with Katja Eckardt
– DecisionLab: Training Sound Financial Decision-Making With Poker with Tino Engel
– You’ve Got This: The Art & Science of Budgeting & Financial Wellness with Leitha Matz
– Building Your FinTech Toolkit with Andre Rabenstein
– Founder, Freelancer, Parent: Financial Tips for Every Woman with Karolina Decker

PLUS, we’ll be hosting a lineup of renowned speakers, who will share their insight and show you what’s possible. The sky’s the limit, ladies!


Monika Schulz-Strelow, president of FidAR – Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte – a non-partisan initiative campaigning for an increase of female board members in Germany.

Dr. Carolin Gabor, managing partner at FinLeap, steering the strategic development and growth of existing FinLeap Ventures.

Dr. Mara Harvey, senior manager at UBS Wealth Management, passionate about driving innovation and delivering an outstanding client experience across all dimensions of great wealth.


Katja (Kat€) Eckardt, founder of and author of two best-selling books that educate women about the world of finance.

Natascha Wegelin, founder of Madame Moneypenny, a platform of resources, tools, and inspiration to help women become more financially independent.

Jessica Schwarzer, renowned journalist, author, financial investment expert and special correspondent for Handelsblatt, Germany’s leading financial daily.


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