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Shivani Berry
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Earn More Money In Your Current Job

Earn more money in your current job by learning how to effectively negotiate a salary you deserve. We all know, asking for a salary raise can be intimidating. Prepare for the current or an upcoming review cycle. This workshop will help you earn more by getting the salary you’re worth. 

What will you learn?
You’ll learn how to effectively negotiate a raise to get the salary you’re worth. We’ll discuss (with real-life examples):

– How to prepare for a salary raise (you should start preparing 6-12 months before you ask but it’s never too late to start!)
– How to know your worth (e.g. how much to ask for)
– What to say in the conversation

What to do when things don’t go as you want

– Off-the-record tips to help you achieve the desired outcome

By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to request a salary raise when you’re ready.

Who should join?
Women who are currently asking (or plan to ask in next 12-18 months) for a salary raise to get paid what they deserve.

About Shivani?
Shivani Berry will lead the workshop. Shivani coaches women to successfully ask for salary raises and advance their careers. She is a technology leader, with experience at a fast-growing and established companies including GetYourGuide, PayPal, Credit Suisse and Intercom. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School. 


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What do previous workshop participants have to say?

“The workshop had clear structure with actionable steps. I now know what are my next steps. Shivani was knowledgeable and has a way of making people feel comfortable to ask vulnerable questions” – Hayley, Tech Recruiter

“The discussions, tips, experiences were great. The content of the presentation was very helpful” – Anna, Product Designer

“Thanks so much, this was really helpful! A variety of situations were covered. With the information from the workshop, I know I wouldn’t come off poorly by asking for more.” – Katie, Communications Manager

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