Dawn Hodorowski-Braun


Dawn Hodorowski-Braun
CoWomen | Berlin


CoWomen | Berlin
Griebenowstraße 10-11, Berlin, Deutschland




18:30 - 21:30



“Here I come” – Presenting yourself successfully

Have you ever walked into a room, whether it’s an event, an important meeting, or something similar and noticed your body tense up and negative thoughts running through your head? Maybe you have learned tools to overcome these obstacles, but it is hard to make use of them. Maybe you have never gone deeper into skills of how to present yourself, but you have wanted to tackle it for a long time. Or maybe you are starting a new challenge and need to grow into new roles. Knowing how you come across and how you can and want to present yourself is crucial. You cannot practice these skills enough in order to become more aware and stop routine bad habits, which are stopping you from getting to the next level professionally. Join us for a masterclass amongst other awesome women and refresh your knowledge or learn new skills. We will discuss the mind-body connection along with techniques to influence your state of mind when presenting yourself in daily situations. You will learn and practice techniques to help build confidence in uncomfortable situations.

Dawn Hodorowski-Braun will be moderating the event. As a member of CoWomen she is excited to get to know all of you! Her 10 year background in Training and coaching allows her to lead groups with comfort, experience and energy.

About Dawn Hodorowski-Braun

Dawn’s professional experience with many international companies, non-profits and universities enables her to adapt her training and coaching style to the needs at hand for both groups and individuals. Her professional experience in personnel development, customer service and management enables her to empathise with a variety of perspectives.


The event is free for all Silver & Gold CoWomen members: log in to sign up for the event.

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