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Dr. Francesca Mega


Dr. Francesca Mega

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CoWomen Pop-Up


CoWomen Pop-Up
Bergstraße 20, 10115 Berlin, Deutschland




19:00 - 21:30



Masterclass | Mindful Resilience & Focus

In order to appropriately react to stress in our lives, we first need
to understand what it is & how our body-mind responds to it.
This understanding is important regardless of whether your
focus is physical vitality, emotional balance, or mental clarity.
This session will provide you with the knowledge to understand
the science & function of stress, as well as introducing tools to
building physical, emotional and mental resilience and focus.

– Effects of Stress in the body & brain
– How to build resilience through mindfulness

Hands-on Exercises & Integration
– Sensing stress signals in the body
– Breath awareness & mindful movements
– Focused attention practice
– Self-Inquiry & Reflection



About Francesca and Embodied intuition:

Embodied Intuition offers both personal- and professional development which is research based and rooted in mindfulness. The effective use of the mind-body connection for innovation, creativity & well-being is at the center of all services. All trainings are based in current neuroscience research and years of personal experience.

Dr. Francesca Mega holds a master degree in Biology and a PhD in neuroscience. Her graduate studies are on the functional characteristics and embodied aspects of intuitive decision making. Most recently, Francesca researched intuitive judgments, emotions and embodiment as post-doc in the philosophy group of Prof. Jesse Prinz.
Her path of personal inquiry is rooted in Hatha Yoga and Zen Buddhism. After years of personal practice, Francesca also recently trained as Yin Yoga teacher.”


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