CoWomen | Berlin


CoWomen | Berlin
Griebenowstraße 10-11, Berlin, Deutschland




09:00 - 10:30



Warm up to march together for women

CoWomen invites you to a warm-up session for the upcoming women’s march&fest.

There is a strong call from Brussels. Women will fix the world. This is exactly why we started. Why women? Why in Europe? We are asked again and again. There are countless great successful women in Europe. We want them to shine personally and professionally. Whether as an employee, self-employed or as a founder. Every woman and every man should be free to decide how their life is designed and have the same opportunities to do so. “EU Women” has clearly summarized the situation for women in Europe:

“Even in Europe, women are still…

…paid less for the same work and the same qualifications.
…Women are still not fairly represented, and are often blatantly under-represented, in leadership positions in business, research, politics and even cultural and social organisations.
…Women are still doing most of the work for families in the home, in raising children and in providing home care for sick and elderly relatives.
…We still cannot move around freely and safely in public – and in fact it is be-coming harder again.
…Women are still victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.
…Women are still encouraged into certain roles and pressurised to stay “young”, “slim”, “pretty” and “nicely behaved” and to obey these patriarchal rules.”


And because we also like to leave our space to fight for our goals, we will be joining the Women’s March and Women’s Fest! We love the motto of EU women and add up to say: (Co)Women will fix the (working) world! This is the perfect opportunity to gather our community and take the streets of Berlin to keep up our battle for Human Rights, Democracy, Ecology, Peace, Equality and Equal Pay.

Let us demand, let us be loud. Women and men, together!

We invite you to a warm-up for the march at the CoWomen space with the best coffee and some serious billboard creation action! Join us! Together we are louder!

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