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Fridays Drinks 🍹 for women: Menstruation Edition with Minna Holi

Fridays are for winners!
Let’s celebrate the end of the week with some drinks and fun! 🍹

This time, we welcome a speaker to tackle a very important and relevant topic… Hint?

Code red. Girl flu. Having the painters in. Auntie flow. On the rag. Shark week. The euphemisms for menstruation are endless, and yet what they all evoke is a negative image. This is in line with most women’s experience, which often varies from unpleasant to bloody awful (pun fully intended). The good news is, by understanding the complexity of hormonal health, we can take actions and balance hormones naturally.

During our Friday drinks, we will welcome Minna Holi, who will explain female hormone fluctuations during the cycle, and how they can affect libido, mood, energy levels and concentration. Equipped with practical examples and tips, you will be able to make simple adjustments to your lifestyle and get ideas on how to improve your diet, sleep and stress management and be better prepared for the changes in the menstrual seasons.

Minna is a nutritional therapist graduated from College of Naturopathic Medicine in London who specialises in female hormonal balancing. Apart from individual consultations, she also runs various workshops on cooking and healthy living in Berlin.

Join us for this special edition of our Friday celebrations, where you will learn valuable info, celebrate your accomplishment of the week with a group of like-minded women, plug-off your brains and relax.

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