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18:30 - 21:30



Masterclass | Focus – Why does it matter?

Jana already gave a great Breakfast impulse at one of our Club Breakfasts which is why we are very happy, she will host a masterclass for driven women on how to focus, when it comes to focus. 

Focus – somehow we wish to have it all the time. But do we even know what focus really means? What it takes to be focussed? How exactly we achieve focus in this complex world when not only our smartphone constantly wants to distract us?

Learn in this masterclass what it takes to be truly focussed and how you can substantially influence your life with focus. 

Together we will explore:

  • Why focus matters in the first place
  • What you can do to focus sustainably
  • How you can notice on time when you lose your focus
  • What might block you from truly focussing
  • How you personally should or want to focus
  • What it takes for yourself personally to live that focussed life


Join us at CoWomen for a unique masterclass that combines brain, body and energy. Develop yourself with other inspiring women!

About Jana Wieskötter

Jana is business consultant and energy coach and supports business women on their path to their own personal success. She combines her expertise from coaching and bodywork with her extensive experience in business management and professional sports. With that she tackles all essential elements for true, sustainable personal development.

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This masterclass is for everyone who wants to develop their personal and professional skills within a group of driven women. It is free for all CoWomen silver members and CoWomen gold members. Members log on here to register.

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