CoWomen | Berlin


CoWomen | Berlin
Griebenowstraße 10-11, Berlin, Deutschland




18:30 - 20:30


Bring some snacks or a bottle of wine!

Female Founders’ Stammtisch

Female Founders, come and enjoy a night of wine and honest exchange

We think we can all agree the freedom that comes with being a founder is awesome! But the freedom and the responsibility or the endurance that we have to bring to the table can also really suck! Getting together to exchange experiences and get new input from other founders in an honest and casual meet-up is the best way to not only move your business forward, but to build a community that motivates you and makes the process fun.

So, if you’re ready to talk truth, grab a bottle of wine and meet us at CoWomen!

What the evening will look like

6:30pm – We’ll kick off the night.

Bring a bottle of wine or a snack, sit down and let’s talk about how amazing and shitty it can be sometimes to be a founder. It’s just a little open meet-up, no big moderation, no program…some activating networking though. We are always up to bringing topics to the discussion and giving help. But it’s mainly about exchanging with people that are – as one of our members said earlier this week – “on the same page”.

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