CoWomen | Berlin


CoWomen | Berlin
Griebenowstraße 10-11, Berlin, Deutschland




18:30 - 20:30



Female Consultants’ Salon

Let’s talk (female) consultancy

Not even a fifth of all consultants are women! Consultancy companies are leading the way in demanding and looking for more female employees. And women SHOULD be consultants. It’s an amazing opportunity to share the own knowledge and expertise, to make projects better and lead innovative projects!

Topics could be: leadership, teamdynamics, project life and project culture, motivation, purpose, sales, consulting platforms, traveling, being mom and consultant, and all the topics, that you bring to the table.


We ❤️ consulting! This is why we offer now a female consultants’ salon. An informal meet-up and exchange on a regular basis on everything that moves us consultants! Let’s get together and have open discussions on what really drives us and what slows us down. Let’s share our tips, stories, knowledge, challenges, successes and much more.

We are looking forward to have you at CoWomen and make it our year as great consultants!

BTW, if you’re interested in, how we use our consulting powers: Check out making business female.

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