Eveline Goodman


Eveline Goodman
CoWomen | Berlin


CoWomen | Berlin
Griebenowstraße 10-11, Berlin, Deutschland




18:30 - 21:30


9 Euro

Leverage your “female mindset” with Eveline Goodman

Experience the CoWomen Community, get to know the space in the heart of Berlin, and let Eveline Goodman inspire you!

Did you know that the right brain hemisphere – seat of emotions and the associated female “mindset” – processes information up to 100 times faster than the left “male” half? It’s about time that we take a seat in our Ferrari (right hemisphere) and push the rusty two-stroke (left hemisphere) back into the garage and mothball it! 

Here to help you do just that is Eveline Goodman, a visionary and authentifier who has prepared individuals to approach challenging tasks with enthusiasm and ability. She is a psychologist and neuroscientist with a passion for the existence and the importance of female qualities. Eveline will open up exciting perspectives and show you which few buttons you have to press in order to be able to fully exploit the potential of your right-cognitive abilities in the future.

Let’s come together in the CoWomen space, have some wine, and dive into questions on how female qualities are perceived, how they are especially important for businesses today, and what this means for you individually. Trust us, you have to meet Eveline! She shakes up your thinking and empowers with her words. We are very happy we could win her over for this event.


About Eveline Goodman

Eveline Goodman combines her comprehensive academic education (PhDs in Psychology and Neuroscience) with the practical lessons that arise in her life as an internationally-operating executive to deliver success. For many years, she has lead workshops, presentations, road shows, and “upskilling” sessions for individuals, companies, and organizations from diverse sectors (real estate, medicine, journalism, among others) – both in German and in English. Her charm, wit, and insight make her a memorable, individual, and – if need be – refreshingly undiplomatic consultant. Learn more about Eveline here


More details

The event is free for all CoWomen members. Please sign in and register for the event. 

Cancellation policy: If you are not able to attend the event, you can send us an email and cancel up until 7 days before the event takes place.


Directions to the CoWomen space

Enter through the main entrance of the Alte Münze, Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin-Mitte, and follow the signs to The Greens cafe. On the right of the cafe is another entrance with big double doors. Enter there and then take the stairs all the way up. When you’re at the top, CoWomen is on the right at the end of the hallway.

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