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Katharina Alf
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CoWomen | Berlin
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19:00 - 21:00



Blissful bleeding – Workshop for people with endometriosis

Blissful bleeding – for people with endometriosis
Workshop for people with (suspected) endometriosis, who feel like their belly has taken on a life of its own and has become a threat. The focus is on reconciliation with your body and your feelings, so that you don’t have to fight against yourself.

How do you deal with all the challenging feelings in the context of illness? Frustration, fear, uncertainty and anger are often just as stressful as the physical symptoms themselves. In addition, there is the effort to hide all these sensations.
Emotions and physical symptoms are often directly interrelated. You may have experienced that your symptoms are more severe when you are “stressed”. We can learn to use this interaction for ourselves!
This is exactly what this workshop is about. True to the motto “What is, may be and what may be, changes!” we create more attention for our body and above all our bellies through breathing exercises, movement and partner work. In this way, stagnated sensations can flow again and change.
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