Having a baby… like an appointment at the dentist?

Hannah – June 2018

Now we know it: The date on which our second son will be born. “Like an appointment at the dentist,” said my project manager from my employee life… my what? Employement? Yes, I have already spoken directly about a possible return to the old job after maternity leave. Loyalty? Quite… but much less than before. This time it’s the money. Shouldn’t I get a job where I can at least make some more money? This is pretty hard out of parental part-time and if you only want to start with four to eight hours per week.

Because the fulfilling task that we are all looking for: I have it. I’m in just the right position, with the right team. At the right time? Kind of do. And now this appointment: 12.06.2018. Should I already enter it as his date of birth? Best directly with his name. Although that’s exactly where I’m still a little unsure. Well, I still have six days to decide on this.

I am not surprised that there are counselling centres that support women after C-sections. Everyone always says “when he is born”. Born? He’s being cut out of me. But that’s the way it is, I can’t change it. So I make the best out of it. I make more appointments. Until Monday afternoon. That’s the practical thing about planning it that way. And I like the date of birth too. “Halfway to Christmas,” a friend said. I love Christmas!

So what else is there to do? Organize and take part in my best friend’s bachelorette party last Saturday: Check. Have visitors all weekend: Check. On Monday I quickly went to the clinic, discuss the operation in advance and above all the pain medication afterwards. After all, we live in Germany in the 21st century, the anesthetist tells me. No need to be in pain. Doctor’s appointment: Check. Wednesday and Thursday: NOAH conference and drinks: Check. Monday next week: Meet partners for our growth plans: Check. Have lunch with one of our mentors: Check. Tuesday next week: Have a baby.

Sara, Kat, Franziska, Kim, Julia, Alex, Nais, Alexa…there are already so many women who support us so closely that I can enjoy this little miracle that I will give birth to next week in peace.

We are looking forward to it and can’t wait to enjoy this time with our little family. So it’s nothing like an appointment at the dentist…it’s our little miracle, it’s the birth of another great human being who we can hopefully raise to become a respectful and tolerant man living in a world of peace.

So you won’t find me in the pop-up or at events for the time being, but I’m sure I’ll open the laptop again very soon.

And this blanket I knit for our second son? Do you remember? It’s my turn! A little every night until my eyes close.