What CoWorking feels like

Sara – May 2018

Here we are. Our space on Bergstraße is open for business. What a huge step in CoWomen’s short history. A step I am very proud of and at the same time steps you work for when you work for your own business are only opening up new tasks and new goals to work on afterwards.

So for us, that meant right after furnishing and opening our place we had to focus on the program, which we offer, and running everyday life in the space. We could just open the space up and change the flowers every once in a while. But for us running the place means offering a full program in order to make a women’s every day perfect and lighten up work with sessions for body and soul. We are absolutely amazed by the awesome trainers and yoga teachers and coaches, who approached us and we are willing to offer them our space to bring joy and ideas as well as guidance to our CoWomen. It’s going to be an exciting time!

And on the other hand, we are happy and a little proud, that we managed to make the space as cozy and beautiful as we hope for and the first two weeks, we not only enjoyed working there, but we really live what we preach and used all the synergies of coworking in a place that makes us feel at home. We enjoyed each class and workshop and event. We got to know awesome women and are ready for more to come and join the community. Coworking to me for the last two weeks meant interesting input from women of other fields of work on branding ourselves. It meant concentrating on my body and my inner voice next to others. It meant being able to focus on my work and at the same time feeling comfortable at my workplace. I really feel empowered. Now, I would like to transport this feeling to many more women and make the magic happen in our space!

So let’s get started together!