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Find your purpose, start with WHY | Digital Workshop Replay (German)

“Everyone knows what they’re doing. We know how to do it. Few people know why they do it.”

Do you know why you do what you do and how do you do it?

Why motivates people. The reason for knowing the motives and the motivators leads people to clearly understand their own values. The why and the values form an essential basis for developing the individual, future-oriented vision – professionally and personally. It creates an image of the future that allows each individual to strive for and grow.

The development of Purpose and WHY is part of personality development.

Watch this digital workshop replay to find YOUR why!

Cost: €35 Free with a CoWomen membership!


Hannah Dahl, CoWomen Co-Founder & Changemaker

Hannah is on a mission to change the (working) world and create an inclusive environment through, with and for women – and for ALL. She is a passionate changemaker, consultant, founder, feminist, entrepreneur and full of energy to move even more in this world.

She often volunteers as a mentor (e.g. grace accelerator, Henkel Xathon, SheLovesTech, …), supports young female entrepreneurs and also talks in schools and universities about her path and how to go down her own path strongly. In partnership with the FU Berlin, she spoke at the Hello Diversity! conference last year about her path with invisible disabilities in the corporate world. This year, CoWomen is supporting the digital edition of the conference as a partner.

She has always been committed to making a difference. As a student, she has already established networks and has gone public for chronically ill and disabled young people, has spoken openly about her own invisible disabilities and has been able to make understanding and then change.

Fostering Feminine Entrepreneurial Mindsets | Digital Workshop Replay (German)

To meet the current and future challenges of our volatile world, individuals and companies need Entrepreneurial Mindsets. But not only entrepreneurs, but also every person who wants to solve complex problems, achieve progress, find their own purpose, and create values for others can benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset. But this mindset is not everything, it needs more feminine entrepreneurial activities. We introduce you to a framework with which you can train Feminine Entrepreneurial Mindsets and thus take responsibility and create values.

Cost: €35 Free with a CoWomen membership!


Sara-Marie Wiechmann, CoWomen Co-Founder & Female Entrepreneur Enthusiast

Sara is a passionate community builder and team player, always striving for inspiration and new challenges. Most recently, she followed her passion as a senior consultant and project manager in the field of digitization with a focus on process management and requirements engineering.

As co-founder of CoWomen today, together with her co-founders, she is on a quest of understanding the working world for women and making business female. Hannah, Kat and Sara have a serious drive to shake up the wroking world and offer more female and inspiring workspaces. Key to their sucess is a lively and engaged community that defines CoWomen as a place where members rise by lifting each other and are empowered to go for bigger goals.

Sara’s experiences in the digital working world on the one hand, her life stops in Seattle, London, Cologne, Berlin, and her homebase Munich on the other shape her free entrepreneurial spirit and her modern feminism.

“We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.” -Beyoncé

The Magic of The Menstrual Cycle | Live Digital Workshop (English)

Women are constantly changing. The way you care for yourself, nurture your body, and honor your energy should reflect that.

If you have a natural menstrual cycle, you will be in one of the four phases of the cycle right now. In one week, you will be in a different phase, and one week after that? Yes, in a different phase. I’m going to reveal my secret to you, the way we take care of ourselves, handle stress levels, and organize our lives, should also flow with this rhythm.

Reconnect and reconcile with your cycle in this 90-minute workshop which will take place live in January!

Cost: €15 Free with a CoWomen membership!

Oriana Guedez, Health Coach specialized in Hormonal Health

Oriana is from Caracas, Venezuela but has been living in Berlin for the past 6 years. After 13 years of dealing with the side effects of hormonal contraceptives, she decided to get certified as a Health Coach specialized in Hormonal Health to heal herself and help others change their story. Oriana has a passion for educating others about their bodies, especially the menstrual cycle, because she believes that when you have more information, you can make better choices for yourself.

She taught me how to take advantage of each stage of my cycle: The magic of your menstrual cycle workshop is great! I liked it because it taught me how to take advantage of each stage of my cycle. When you understand your body’s signals and work with it, the changes in your life are huge. I got to learn all that with this workshop! Also, Oriana is a lovely person who explains things very well, she transmits her passion and knowledge about the subject. I recommend it 100% ❤. -Astrid C.

Anyone who menstruates should attend: The workshop is divided into 4 sections, each linked to a stage of the menstrual cycle. I learned how to take advantage of my emotions, creativity and energy in each one of them and thus plan my month to give my best. Anyone who menstruates should take this workshop! I loved it!. – Diana F.


Ditch & switch those products that are harming your menstrual health | Ebook (English)

Menstrual pain; Premenstrual syndrome; Headaches or migraines; Irregular periods; Skin sensitivity; Difficulty getting pregnant

How many of these boxes do you check? If it’s two or more, you need to be reading the labels of the products you are using.

I know when I first started reading the labels on cosmetics, personal hygiene, and cleaning products, I was as lost as you probably are right now. I gotcha, babe!

With this E-book you will:
– be able to check the cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. within your home, and see if they have harmful ingredients.
– take it with you when shopping (downloadable to your phone), to make your shopping experience easier.
– get a list of products I’ve personally tried with successful results, that have none of the mentioned harmful ingredients.

Cost: €28 Free with a CoWomen membership!

Lorena Fa Everatt, Essential oils consultant specializing in female health & endocrine disruptors

Lorena started her own self-knowledge journey after getting painful periods for no apparent reason. Several months of painful self-educating on the topics of menstrual cycle and fertility, plus learning all about the toxic products that contribute to menstrual and reproductive related problems, she decided there had to be an easier way to get this information. So she created it! She shares this content for free on her blog and social media, and you can also join her free monthly newsletter if you want more.

I personally found it really valuable. I have been an ignorant all my life about the menstrual cycle and what helps or doesn’t, and I had many wrong ideas about it. I’ve learned a lot from it. – Vanessa

Not only is Lorena a very warm hearted person, she also gives you valuable information in a way that is easy to understand and gives you hope that your problems can be solved, when many doctors had taken that away from me. – María

I find this information very helpful. Lots of information that was unknown to me. This should be taught to women since we are young! – Berenice

Personal branding workshop: Become the main character of your story | Digital Workshop Replay (English)

Do you cringe when thinking of talking about yourself or feel like you have nothing to say? Then this 2-hour video workshop is for you! Whether you’re just starting out or already an established boss – it’s never too early or too late to develop your personal brand. Kickass womxn don’t leave things to chance, they know how powerful personal branding is in helping them achieve their goals.⁣

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn:⁣

– A non-slimy approach to personal branding ⁣
– How to connect with your ideal audience & build real relationships ⁣
– Choosing your ideal channels to focus on to stop the overwhelm ⁣
– How to authentically brand yourself – and have fun in the process

You’ll get direct & lifetime access to the workshop to watch anytime + you’ll receive an Actionsheet to put what you learn straight into action.

Cost: €20 Free with a CoWomen membership!


Kat Brendel, podcaster & storytelling strategist

Kat’s love of stories led her to study journalism and build a career in media. After getting a boatload of marketing experience in South America, the US, and Europe, she learned not just how to tell good stories, but how they can drive businesses forward. She hosts the Leading Rebels podcast, co-founded CoWomen, and collaborates with bosses like you to make your voice get heard to grow your audience, impact, and business!

Within two hours, Kat’s Personal Branding Workshop provided me with a clarity I had been looking for for a long time. Her enthusiasm for the topic, the clearly structured impulses, and the time during the workshop to implement everything I had heard in the ActionSheet led me to many answers, with which I can now continue to work on my branding. – Stephanie

Kat really knows her stuff, and she shares a ton of knowledge in this workshop. These fast-paced two hours helped me to focus my ideas on a strategy that would be a great fit for my customers. I was also kind of relieved to see very clearly what I don’t have to put energy into because my customers wouldn’t even take notice or care for. Kat’s Actionsheet encourages you to be yourself, get very specific, and feel in charge of your business. I highly recommend this Personal Branding workshop and can confirm: it wasn’t even a bit slimy! – Melanie

Rewire your brain for more happiness & excitement by using the power of language | Live Digital Workshop (English)

What if someone handed you the magic code to create more happiness and excitement in your life? If you want to discover how your words shape your reality and how you can actively and intentionally level up the quality of your life then this workshop is for you! In this live digital workshop taking place in January, you’ll learn how to hack your mind to work for you and thrive in life with more ease and empowerment.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn:⁣
– A practical workshop on rewiring your brain for happiness and excitement
– Understanding how your words influence your brain and shape your reality
– Different mindset types and how they drive your behavior without you knowing about it
– How to use the power of language and NLP techniques to rewire your brain to work for you
– Creating more happiness and excitement in your life

Within the workshop, you’ll learn practical exercises that will allow you to tap deeper into your own thinking and actively choose thoughts that serve you better.

Cost: €89 Free with a CoWomen membership!

Regine Müller, Life and Mindset Coach

Regine is a creative explorer who is obsessed with learning how one can actively, consciously, and intentionally create a happy life that they are truly excited about. This curiosity guided her throughout her career in business and technology where she consistently reinvented herself, challenged the status quo, followed her gut, and identified steps on how to thrive and move to the next goal. It’s her deepest passion to empower other ambitious individuals to rewire their brains to unlock their own innate potential and add more confetti to their lives.

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"Prior to joining CoWomen, I felt very isolated in work and in building a business for the first time. As I began to integrate into the CoWomen community, I found a wonderful group of womxn who support each other, challenge each other, laugh and cry with each other. But most importantly give each other encouragement and tools to reach their goals! For those thinking and looking at all the other coworking spaces in Berlin, it is really the inclusive community that makes CoWomen special."

– Charity Smith, Founder of Spinelly Coaching and Consulting

"CoWomen is such a special place... and not only a physical place but an emotional one as well. From day one, you feel welcomed, you feel that you are a part of something, you feel inspired by all the amazing women you are surrounded by, and you bloom like a flower with the right amount of water and light. My biggest challenge to join CoWomen was my comfort zone, but after finally joining, I feel so happy that I made the step. I would do it a hundred times more."

– Laura, Health Coach, The Groove

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