“My greatest fear is to die a wasted talent.” – Alyssa Shelasky

Sara – April 2018

I absolutely adore this statement as it transports so much power and self-confidence. I would love to state the same fear, but mine is probably more down-to-earth, more German. My greatest fear, I think, is to be economically dependent (and not to be able to party as much, to be honest). These first three months of 2018, though, I worked extremely hard on making things happen, filling new professional roles and to step up. Fear? What’s fear?

I am proud to be able to announce that I am managing an IT project, managing a team at the same company, and started an own company this year which has two awesome partners already! For me, this is only possible because I can concentrate on the tasks I am doing 100%. Switching between different roles is clearly structured and transparent. This way, I can be the best employee, as well as the best founder, I can be. The new challenge from April on will be to shift focus in terms of time. I read a statement by strongandgirl on instagram yesterday that said, “We all have the same 24 hours, no excuses.” For me, it is not only a positive statement, but it brings out what the essence of results and probably success is: Spending the right amount of time on the most relevant tasks. A challenge I am not even close to mastering. But I am shifting time now. It is official and organized, but now it really has to sink in in everyone’s minds so people know how and when they can reach me. And so I can be good at it as well.

Taking on three different roles does seem a lot on one plate sometimes, but I haven’t felt as free as I am feeling now for a long time. I love the many very different tasks, and I love being busy. Besides, no matter how much there is on my plate, I listen to my mom who ends every call with “And treat yourself well, too, ok? Do something nice today as well.” She has the wisdom. No matter how many roles and tasks we take on, we have to watch out for ourselves. Otherwise we cannot perform. In the end, being a project manager, team leader, and founder is not much different to the roles people take on in their private lives. I am full of respect for all working and single moms, for all people who take care of others. Alyssa Shelasky overcomes her fear by acknowledging the time she spends with her daughter. I will overcome mine by having very different jobs at the same time. It feels good to make more time for CoWomen! And we will see, maybe next year I will have a greatest fear as self-confident and powerful as worrying about one’s own talent.

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