Celebrating Kickass (Wo)men

We women do some awesome things. From rocking the boardroom and founding businesses to making ourselves heard in politics & society. And yet, we downplay our achievements. That stops now! It’s time for women to share how we tackle our goals, to inspire others with what we’ve achieved, to showcase how diverse we are in our strengths. Join the #KickassWoman challenge and tell us how you’re kicking ass in your own life. How? It’s simple:

Record a short video of yourself letting the world know why you’re a kickass woman – showcasing your best kick at the end of course!

Nominate two women or more to share theirs. (Guys, invite and encourage the kickass women in your life to join!)

Use the hashtag #KickassWoman and tag CoWomen (so we can spread the word even further!)  

Join the challenge:




Join us for a night of celebrating Kickass (Wo)men

As CoWomen embarks on a new, exciting chapter, we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off this next stage than celebrating kickass women with you. We’re wrapping up a successful six months in the CoWomen Pop-Up, which was filled with connecting rising women and empowering them to take the next steps in their careers and lives.

Now, CoWomen is growing up and planning to move into a bigger location to create the space for kickass women to connect and grow. We’re kicking off this next chapter with a crowdfunding campaign since CoWomen has and always will be built around the input and support of amazing (wo)men. And it’s exactly those amazing (wo)men who we also want to highlight and celebrate during the kickoff party, so don’t miss out an awesome night full of kickass (wo)men on October 25th in Berlin!

Get your ticket to celebrate kickass (wo)men