CoWomen is a community and space catering to the needs of ambitious women

At CoWomen, we firmly believe in the positive effect of strengthening women in business and the enormous impact they can have on society and the economy. Everyone profits from more successfully working women! We want to do our part by offering the space and possibilities for women and role models to connect and grow. We make women’s lives easier so they can get to the top!

Who is CoWomen for?

CoWomen is for women on the rise and the incredible role models that want to support the next generation of female leaders.

Whether they are still in university or have just kicked off their professional career, CoWomen supports young women on their journey. We connect them with each other as well as mentors and offer them the perfect work environment to realize their dreams.

Equally as important are the successful role models, be it founders or corporate leaders, who share their experience and in turn benefit from getting a fresh perspective while getting to work in a beautiful space that is all about work-life-integration and the new work movement.

What can I expect when I become a CoWoman?

Becoming a CoWoman means exclusive access to a network of driven women and the ability to meet and work alongside them in person.

Depending on the club membership you choose, you will benefit from:

  • Community hours in the mornings and evenings for informal networking
  • Coworking during the day surrounded by other driven women
  • Events where inspiring female and male mentors share their knowledge
  • Workshops to develop your skills and grow personally and professionally
  • Body-mind programs to get physically & mentally fit to tackle all your goals

Connect with like-minded women

The CoWomen community and the pop-up space offer women the place to create themselves, together!

Become a CoWoman