CoWomen Pop-Up Launch

With over 300 registrations for the CoWomen Pop-Up launch party on May 7th, 2018 and an unbelievable amount of awesome women showing up, we saw first hand that CoWomen will be the place for women on the rise.

The night was what CoWomen is all about: connection. It was incredible to see so many diverse women there to connect and support each other. The great guys who helped and supported us (thank you!) were definitely impressed as well.

And as amazing as the launch party was, it was just the start! The CoWomen Pop-Up is now officially open for business, and we can’t wait to welcome rising women to drop by during our community hours in the morning, attend yoga classes, develop their skills in our workshops, or exchange inspiration.

Become a CoWoman

We also want to thank all the partners and supporters that made yesterday a reality: First and foremost Matthias and WE’RE ALL IN, Berlin’s coworking space for creative professionals, for the space and Kontist, the bank for freelancers, bookkeeping tool and community for the self-employed, for the additional party space and support.

A special thank you also to Paula Lambert, who read from her book, answered questions, and gave us great motivation and inspiration to love ourselves. We are looking forward to welcoming her again soon!

Thank you as well to Ira and Dirk from ffine, the multidisciplinary design agency. Everything you saw in the space and on the door and windows was created by them. They’ve helped us build a great basis on which to grow on!

There’s nothing more for us to say but a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone that helped, attended, and just made this night a blast. We can’t wait to embark with you on the next steps of the CoWomen journey!

Impressions from the launch party