MusiCoWomen brings the women* of the music industry together to co-work, network and empower each other - because community + productivity =  

We do bi-weekly co-working sessions at Berlin’s sexiest female-only coworking space.
The working will be accompanied by networking lunches, coffee breaks whenever needed and followed by fun events such as speed dating to network, movie nights, concerts, workshops, creative sessions and more!
We have so much to share, so let’s get together and unite our forces!
* this includes female-identifying and non-binary individuals
Our mission is to create a warm & welcoming atmosphere for any lady already involved or interested in the music industry, bring networking to the next level and ACTUALLY be productive together, meet more kickass women in the music industry, raise awareness to the fact that women are still extremely underrepresented in the music industry, have fun!

Why do we do this? The numbers speak for themselves. But really, the idea of uniting with other females in music just makes us happy. It is important to stay in touch, create a bond and think a little bit differently. All these new initiatives like VUT Women, MusicBWomen etc. are so great and we want to extend the effect of their work by providing a space that is always available for this growing community.

Let’s get shit done together and stir up this dusty industry with some Girl Power!

We have a special membership for MusiCoWomen!

For € 25, you get everything you get as a CoWoman Community and also get the two monthly MusiCoWomen coworking days on top!

You can also come to the coworking days individually and buy the tickets directly for each event.

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The MusiCoWomen coworking days and evening events:

Ihr könnt jeweils einzeln zu den Coworkingtagen kommen und die Tickets direkt über das Event kaufen.

April 2020
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