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Connecting you with mentors to help you grow and develop your career is one of CoWomen’s main goals. We love seeing the connections women make during events, workshops, and informal networking moments, but we also take it one step further through our dedicated mentoring network and hours!

Mentors from different fields and with varied expertise spent time in the CoWomen Pop-Up during which members could book 1-on-1 time with them to discuss their individual challenges.

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Meet some of your mentors

Farina Schurzfeld

Farina Schurzfeld is co-founder of Selfapy, an online therapy platform for mental health disorders. Previously, she was part of Groupon Australia’s founding team, general manager of Airtasker, co-founder of largest co-working space in Sydney TSL, and Head of Business at two companies of Hitfox Group.

Karolina Decker

Karolina Decker is CEO & co-founder of FinMarie, the first online wealth management platform in Germany that helps women achieve their financial and investment goals. She is also co-founder of Mind the Gap, a series of events aimed at building a financial education group for all women.

Michael Häfelinger

„I support the CoWomen Community, because community is an important resource for the individual and people develop impact together. CoWomen stands for urgently needed female and human impulses for a male-technical business world. I want to support that as a man.“

Michael Häfelinger is a partner of UnternehmerCoaches. He is an expert in internal and external communication and cooperation and works as a business and start-up consultant and business coach.

Anna Lübbe

Anna Lübbe is Head of Legal & Business at Lana Labs and Senior Consultant at MACH. She is the perfect supporter of CoWomen with her diverse professional career, her law studies, her work as a sales consultant and expert for business intelligence and data integration and her whole commitment & her incredible joy of life. #sharp #eloquent #happy

By the way, she is the Anna mentioned in this blog post.

The CoWomen network

We believe in collaboration not just within CoWomen but beyond. We’re part of an amazing network that have not just supported us, but also continually is there to help you and other women on the rise unleash your potential.