CoWomen | Berlin


CoWomen | Berlin
Griebenowstraße 10-11, Berlin, Deutschland




18:30 - 21:00



Let’s swap clothes (and drink some wine)!

Do you also stare at all the clothes in your closet and have nothing to wear?

It’s full, but some shirts were just an impulsive purchase, or our body has changed, our taste… Sometimes we just need something fresh.

Let’s start spring and get some new used clothes! Bring with you what you no longer like, but is still so good that someone else can be happy about it. And please: Wash it first. 😉

We will have snacks and wine for you!


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Swap Plan

05.30 - 6.30
Arrival & Set-up and first peek into clothes
06.30 - 08.00
Friday Wins!
We follow our tradition and share our Friday wins!
08.00 - open end
Picking clothes
First round of picking and receiving clothes starts at 8.00 pm! This way it stays fair for everyone.

Veranstaltung buchen

Get some fresh styles: 12 €
Verfügbar Tickets: Unlimitiert
Der Get some fresh styles: 12 € ist am gewählten Termin bereits ausgebucht. Bitte anderes Datum wählen.

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