CoWomen Day Passes

What better gift than the gift of community and inspiration? Especially right now, we’re all craving connection! So why not get a bundle of day passes to CoWomen to work alongside driven women in a beautiful space in the middle of Berlin?

As an extra gift on top from us, you’ll be able to choose one of our merch items we have in the space during your first visit!

Grab your CoWomen day passes:

5 day passes

100,00 €
  • Grab this bundle for 5 days of coworking at the CoWomen space! Day passes can be used anytime during the CoWomen opening hours.

10 day passes

180,00 €
  • Grab this bundle for 10 days of coworking at the CoWomen space & save 10%! Day passes can be used anytime during the CoWomen opening hours.

P.S. Worried about COVID? We have precautions in place to keep you safe! Read more about our safety precautions here.

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Our holiday gift free on top: A CoWomen merch item!

As a special thank you from us, you’ll be able to choose from one of our limited CoWomen merch items on your first visit to the space. We have mugs and shirts and more to choose from!

Day passes give you access to the beautiful CoWomen space:


Cozy kitchen

All the coffee & tea included anyone might need!


Comfy lounge areas

Plus bookcases full of inspiring books to kickstart motivation!

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Perfect coworking space

Plenty of space to cowork alongside driven women!

Charity aus dem Coworking Berlin

"Prior to joining CoWomen, I felt very isolated in work and in building a business for the first time. As I began to integrate into the CoWomen community, I found a wonderful group of womxn who support each other, challenge each other, laugh and cry with each other. But most importantly give each other encouragement and tools to reach their goals! For those thinking and looking at all the other coworking spaces in Berlin, it is really the inclusive community that makes CoWomen special."

– Charity Smith, Founder of Spinelly Coaching and Consulting

"CoWomen is such a special place... and not only a physical place but an emotional one as well. From day one, you feel welcomed, you feel that you are a part of something, you feel inspired by all the amazing women you are surrounded by, and you bloom like a flower with the right amount of water and light. My biggest challenge to join CoWomen was my comfort zone, but after finally joining, I feel so happy that I made the step. I would do it a hundred times more."

– Laura, Health Coach, The Groove

Bild von Cowoman Laura