Celebrating Kickass (Wo)men

We women do awesome things. From rocking the boardroom and founding businesses to making ourselves heard in politics & society. And yet, we downplay our achievements. That stops now! It’s time for women to share how we tackle our goals, to inspire others with what we’ve achieved, to showcase how diverse we are in our strengths.

As CoWomen embarks on a new, exciting chapter, we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off this next stage than celebrating kickass women with you. After wrapping up a successful six months in the CoWomen Pop-Up, which were filled with connecting rising women and empowering them to take the next steps in their careers and lives, CoWomen is growing up and planning to move into a bigger location to create the space for kickass women to connect and grow.

On October 25th, 2018 we kicked off this next chapter by celebrating kickass (wo)men in the Alte Münze in Berlin. From kickass women on stage and the launch of the CoWomen crowdfunding campaign to a #KickassWoman challenge corner and art exhibition, it was a night to be remembered! (Re)live the night again with the impressions below. And then, the most important bit, bring CoWomen to life by backing the crowdfunding campaign to give kickass women a space where they can meet daily!

Bring CoWomen to life

Kickass women on stage

First and foremost, we want to thank the amazing women who made the night a reality: Alexa Mollicchi Casanova, Marie-Aurore Djahi-Le Corre, and Kim Münch, the kickass event planners behind the night.

A special thank you also to former Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Brigitte Zypries who gave an inspiring keynote on women going for their dreams and finding the right partner to be be at their side.

Thank you as well to Cilia Kanellopoulos, Head of Social Innovation, Vodafone Institute, who did a live recording for the Leading Rebels podcast where she shared why supporting startups that empower women benefits us all.

Bring CoWomen to life

Since CoWomen has and always will be built around the input and support of amazing (wo)men, we also want to embark on CoWomen’s next steps together as a community. That’s why we launched a crowdfunding campaign that night!

We’re moving to a bigger space to bring together an even bigger community of inspiring women. We’ll be filling this amazing new location with a welcoming community area, productive working space, a creative studio, and so much more. We need your help though with the most important bit: Making this space come alive!

Whether you’re a woman or man, based in Berlin or not, if you share our vision of creating a better (working) world, then we’d love your support in bringing the CoWomen community & space to life. We have an awesome range of perks in our crowdfunding campaign for you to choose from. There’s a way for everyone to support rising women!

Bring CoWomen to life

#KickassWoman challenge corner

To show the world how many kickass women are out there, we launched the #KickassWoman challenge! At the event, there was a challenge corner where women showed how kickass they are to inspire others with what they’ve achieved and to showcase how diverse women are in our strengths. Join the challenge and tell us how you’re kicking ass in your own life! Learn more about & join the challenge at www.kickass-challenge.com

Inspiring art & cool beats

The event also featured an inspiring art exhibition where up-and-coming artists shared female-centered pieces, and to top it all off, DJ(ane)s Stella Zekri, Juan From Nowhere, and Couleur provided the perfect musical backdrop for the night.

Big props and thank you to the artists Cheryl Rudd, Ganna Grudnytska, Iovana Pratoschka, Jackie Riccio, Kevinsky, Senta Kammerer, Liza Root, and Sophie le R.

Creating connections & community

Our biggest thank you of course goes to the inspiring (wo)men that attended the event and made it the great night it was! It was great seeing women and men forging connections across industries – the sense of community felt in the room is what CoWomen is all about. And as an extra-special treat for the CoWomen supporter, we also served the exclusive CoWomen cocktail – the CoBuzz!

Photography by Sophie le Roux | www.sophielerouxdocu.com | @sophielerouxdocu