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We believe in collaboration not just within CoWomen but beyond. We’re part of an amazing network that have not just supported us, but also continually is there to help you and other women on the rise unleash your potential.

Be(come) a CoWoman

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Karolina Decker

CEO & Co-founder, FinMarie & Co-founder, Mind the Gap

intuitive • challenging • focussed

Barbara Lampl

Founder & Behavioural Mathematician

empathic • autistic • loud

Leitha Matz

COO, Zuper & Co-founder, Mind the Gap

strong • smart • adaptable

Bianca Praetorius

Pitchtrainer & Politician

courageous • passionate • kind

Farina Schurzfeld

Entrepreneur, Founder & CMO, Selfapy

cheeky • courageous • conscious

Sebastian Wolf Siebzehnrübl

Founder, antepostnow lab

innovative • uplifting • ideating