In our fast breathing time it is daily business that we jump from one appointment to the next. A quick cup of coffee in the morning or one to take away from the café at the corner so as not to be late at all. Around noon we notice that there was no other breakfast yet and we hadn’t even thought about lunch. How should we, if our days are filled with exciting projects and meetings.
Unfortunately or perhaps luckily, we are not cacti and need a little more care than the prickly houseplants for which it is enough for us to remember to water them every few weeks. But how do I take care of myself and how can I perhaps transfer this mindfulness to the people who are important to me? Mindfulness is a special form of attention. If we want to try to be mindful of ourselves, it means that we want to become aware of how we feel in individual moments and which decisions are good for us. Further, mindfulness means listening into ourselves and allowing ourselves to arrive at individual moments to perceive what we need and what we need less. I have learned that it is incredibly important for me to remember the importance of the thought of mindfulness with myself. Actually each of us knows what is good for her or him and what is less, that only falls from the edge of our plate.

For me the last past weeks were filled with several signs of these influences and decisions that aren’t really mindful and yet, it’s absolutely not easy for me to set a point and realize that I should realign my focus again. This may sound exhausting and a lot of upheaval now, but it’s not really. We don’t always have to pack our bags and organise an expensive spa holiday.

I’ve decided to incorporate little moments of mindfulness into each of my days. I think everyone has different needs here, maybe it’s just important to consciously decide for something and really be there. While on one day I decide to call an old friend and just talk to her for a while, on another day I want to take a break and walk alone in the sun and bring my thoughts to rest. For the next week, for example, I would like to build in a little meditation/yoga/anything with a sports break. I very often forget how relieving it can be to power yourself out again. I especially like to actively work on my perspective of mindfulness and it is very good for me to be inspired by the special energy of workshop impulses and to learn how to deal with myself more consciously. I remember drinking a glass of water, eating some fruit or when there is too much going on, the people around me take over. I think it is important to take care of each other a little and to be able to recognize the needs of others. We should stop every now and then and take a conscious break from which we step out with new energy. Today I decided to put my moment of mindfulness into writing instead of coffee, a cup of tea next to me and a day with an exciting to-do list that I can manage well in terms of time. So you can say that today is a mindful day.